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Hello and welcome to my blog Chintana.org. ‘Chintana’  is a Sanskrit (Samskrutha) word that translates to meditation or mental reflection. Etymologically ‘Chint’ is a root word for  ‘Chintayate’ which translates to contemplation. Contemplation, in general, could be just about anything but here I mean to contemplate on life itself….with a little twist….here I attempt to contemplate on life through music….

Music means many things to many people, so let me narrow it down a little bit. My interest in music has always been associated with classical music of India. For those readers not familiar, the classical music of India has evolved over thousands of years under two systems, Karnatik or Carnatic (Karnataka) music and Hindustani music. Both systems have evolved from same roots of Sanaathana Dharma (Hinduism) and share many things in common while also maintaining their unique identities as they continue to evolve.

Like other classical forms of music, on the surface, it has been framed with rules, syntax and other essential grammar. This, I call the science of music. It helps the artist in bringing out the aesthetics which is central to enjoyment of music as an art form. Deep inside it provides a path for self-liberation and to attain inner peace. More information is available on internet on these two systems of music for interested readers.

Many of the topics I have posted on this site are related to the Karnatik system of music while occasionally comparing with the Hindustani system. These posts are based on knowledge I am gaining as a student of Karnatik music as well as my independent research. Some of these writings reflect my opinions which forms the ‘Chintana’ part of my blog. It applies to both these systems of music and is intended to be informative as well as thought provoking.

I welcome you to read and share your thoughts. While doing so, please agree or disagree respectfully. If you can share your thoughts and elaborate on your opinions it will help advance the discussion. Never criticize in harsh words. Stay cheerful

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